Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Quiet Saturday.....My Fave

Hi fans! (All two of you...)

Today has been good. Very good. I woke up early, around 6:30 when Raelynn came in and asked to watch some TV. Of course, I told her she could since she's been on TV restriction for several months now. This is due to her math grades. We've been working hard so I caved today.

I slept awhile longer.....until 10ish. I spent the rest of the day washing, cleaning, organizing, grocery know, the domestic stuff. Some days I can't stand it but today it was good. I've slowly been working on getting things cleaned up. Today, I took out everything from the refridgerator and cleaned. I threw out unidentified's nice to look at it. I've opened and shut the fridge door several times to see my work.

Last night, David and I watched Seven Pounds. Good movie. I'm hoping that I'll get caught up on my NetFlix viewing. Not sure what we'll watch tonight...maybe Bait Shop. Anyway, I cooked supper and now am blogging. Life is good.

Until tomorrow.....

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Pam Hobbs said...

Well I must tell you I am one of your two fans although I know there are more. I too put that challange on my blog of saying I only have 2 fans and got 2 comments! Well so much for those lurkers. love to hear what you are up to. Happy New Years! pam