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Rosa by Nikki Giovanni #9

Giovanni, N. (2005). Rosa. Illustrated by Bryan Collier. New York: Henry Holt and

Book Type/Pages:


Grade Level:

This book is appropriate for grades two through five.

Curriculum Links:

I would use this book in social studies instructions.

Author Credibility:

Nikki Giovanni has written several children’s books. No information about her research was listed in the book. There is an author’s note where she states it is an “honor and a responsibility to explore the bravery of her acceptance of history’s challenge.”


2006 Caldecott Honor Book
Coretta Scott King Award
Child Magazine Best Book of the Year

Book Summary:

This is a book that tells about Rosa Parks and the bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama. The book begins on December 1, 1955, and goes through the events that occurred during the long boycott. It shows how one woman’s decision to stand up for what was right, led to a revolution for civil rights for all Americans.

National/State Standards:

Social Studies Standards:
Time, Continuity, and Change
Individuals, Groups, and Institutions
Power, Authority, and Governance


Bryan Collier used water and collage in the illustrations for this book. In the illustrator’s note, he indicated he wanted to the illustrations to appear as if light emanated from Rosa. The illustrations are beautiful and cover most of the two page spreads. The illustrations show a strong woman standing up for what she believes in.

Access Features:

Important access features in this book include an author’s note and illustrator’s note .

Use in My Classroom:

I would use this book during units in the Civil Rights Movement and Black History Month.

My Response to the Book:

I liked this book. It was easy to read and understand and the illustrations are wonderful. I liked reading about Dr. Robinson, an African-American female college professor at Alabama State, and her involvement in organizing the bus boycott. This is a book that I am sure my students would enjoy. I plan on using this book during my Black History Month lessons.

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